Who might be involved in my care in the hospital?

Who might be involved in my care in the hospital

Barnsley Hospital is committed to providing high quality and compassionate end of life care.

Most end of life care is provided by ward doctors, nurses and other health and social care professionals and is led by the consultant in charge. When required, the ward teams are supported to do this by the Specialist Palliative Care Team and the End of Life Care Team.

Specialist Palliative Care Team

Specialist palliative care is a term used to describe the practical and emotional support provided to patients and their families in the following ways:

  1. Focusing on enhancing quality of life.
  2. Offering emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support with an emphasis on open, honest and sensitive communication.
  3. Providing information, advice and guidance on the different treatment options available.
  4. Giving specialist advice on uncontrolled or complicated symptoms, e.g. constipation, nausea, pain, breathlessness.

The Specialist Palliative Care Team at Barnsley Hospital provides care to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and/or have an active, progressive, advanced, life threatening disease.

The team can be involved at any time from diagnosis onwards and aims to complement and enhance the care offered to patients and their families by ward teams.

The team is made up of one consultant, two Macmillan nurses and two support sisters. These staff will work with the consultant and multi-professional ward team who have overall responsibility for a patient’s treatment, as well as other health care teams in the area.

To contact the Macmillan nurses, please call 01226 434 921. To contact the consultant/PA, please call 01226 433 042.

End of Life Care Team (provided by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust)

The End of Life Care Team works with health and social care staff in Barnsley. Their role is to support and develop care that is compassionate, of the highest quality and where personal preference and choice is facilitated.

Primarily, the team provides education and support for health and social care staff. However, sometimes they may be involved in providing support to patients and their families, so you may meet members of this team during your stay in hospital.

The team includes the end of life care facilitator who provides end of life care education and training, and the discharge liaison sister who will help to support discharge planning.

For more information on Barnsley Hospital and its services please visit www.barnsleyhospital.nhs.uk

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