Who might be involved in my care in a Care Home?

Residential care homes

Residential care homes

Residential care homes aim to help you to lead an independent life in as homely a setting as possible.  They can provide you with the same kind of care and attention that you would receive at home from a caring relative. The staff in a residential home can help with personal care such as washing, going to the toilet, taking a bath, getting up or dressing. The help is there when you need it, 24 hours a day. All meals are provided and there are activities that you can take part in – including outings. Your friends and relatives can visit you as often as you like, and many homes welcome overnight visitors.

Nursing care homes

Nursing care homes

Nursing care homes generally care for people who are more dependent and require the sort of care that can only be provided under the supervision of a qualified nurse, who will be onsite 24 hours a day.  Some care homes are dual registered. This means that the home can accommodate people needing either residential or nursing care. You may wish to consider a dual registered home if you are concerned about having to move, if your needs change and you require some nursing services.  They can also accommodate couples with different needs to avoid you having to live apart.

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