How can the hospice help me

How can the Hospice help me?

Patient services

Each year Barnsley Hospice helps and supports over 2000 patients with life-limiting illnesses, including heart failure and Parkinson’s, not just cancer. The hospice provides symptom management, psychological support, skills and advice to overcome disabilities caused by illness, end of life care and bereavement support.

The hospice has a large, multi-professional, specialist team who identify the most effective treatment and support for each individual patient. Barnsley Hospice focuses on the holistic treatment of a patient, providing care and support for the physical and mental effects of illness.  This support extends to the families, friends and carers of each patient.

Services for patients and their families include

Medical Outpatient Clinic

There are two outpatient clinics each week where patients can be seen by a Consultant in Palliative Medicine. Patients can be referred to the clinic by any health professional involved in the patient’s care. Patients can expect to be seen within a couple of weeks of referral. Common reasons for referral are symptoms that other teams are finding challenging to manage, such as pain, breathlessness and nausea and vomiting.

Medical Home Visits

If patients would benefit from a consultation with a Consultant but are not well enough to attend Outpatient Clinic, a home visit may be offered.

The Limes Support and Therapy Centre

The Limes Support and Therapy Centre is designed to help patients adapt to the limitations caused by life-limiting illness. The Limes provides specialist support and advice with symptom management and treatment issues. Patients also benefit from socialising with others going through similar experiences.

The Limes Drop in Day is available on either Friday morning 09:30am – 12:30pm or Friday afternoon 1:00pm – 3:00pm, and no referral is required for The Limes Drop in Day.

“Coming to Barnsley Hospice gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I don’t have to put on a brave face when I’m here.” Katie, Barnsley Hospice Patient

 “Coming to the hospice has given me the freedom to be myself. I don’t have to pretend that I am superhuman. Joan, Barnsley Hospice Patient

Inpatient unit

The Inpatient Unit at Barnsley Hospice is open 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year and provides ten en-suite bedrooms. The unit offers excellent facilities and every patient has access to private gardens as well as a patient and visitor’s kitchen, lounge, quiet room and a family room.

The clinical team at the hospice work closely with NHS colleagues and other palliative care providers in the hospital and local community. This guarantees a comprehensive service to patients and ensures that the care given between home, hospital and hospice is as seamless as possible.  Patients are usually referred to the Inpatient Unit by a healthcare practitioner.

“When entering the portals of the Hospice, you really do feel that they are wrapping you in a warm comfort blanket. This includes all the staff; Consultants, Administrators, Nurses, Cleaners and Domestics, who are there purely for the well-being of the patients, relatives and friends. Every possible request is granted; anything at all, which makes patients more comfortable, pain free and dignified. The staff are all Angels, dedicated to their individual professions.” Dorothy, Friend of Barnsley Hospice Patient.

Sympton management

Patients are referred to Barnsley Hospice for a variety of different life limiting illnesses. While every patient is affected in different ways, there are many symptoms that can be the same regardless of the illness. This includes pain, nausea and sickness, stress and worry. Barnsley Hospice is holistic, providing support for all the mental and physical well-being of the patient to increase the patient’s quality of life.

Barnsley Hospice has a big team of medical practitioners, including consultants, specialist palliative care nurses, complementary therapists, psychologists, specialist palliative care nurses

Complementary Therapy

The complementary therapy team offers a wide range of treatments to help relieve physical symptoms. The team help introduce new therapies and relaxation techniques to help patients and carers manage their symptoms, stresses and anxieties in a gentle and independent way. The therapists work alongside the medical and nursing teams to provide a fully integrated service.

Chronic swelling of limbs

Many patients suffer from chronic swelling of body tissue, mainly in arms or legs following some cancer treatments and after some surgical operations.  This swelling can be very painful and can lead of a loss of mobility. This swelling is called Lymphoedema and is caused by damage or disruption to the lymphatic system which helps drain away excess fluid in the body. This is most common after radiotherapy or if lymph glands have been removed to prevent a cancer from spreading.

It is estimated that 100,000 people in the UK are affected by Lymphoedema. Barnsley has two specialist lymphoedema therapists who are employed by Barnsley Hospice. Every year they support hundreds of people affected by lymphoedema. Treatments can include lymphatic massage, different types of bandaging of the affected area and use of a lymphoedema machine.

The key element of this service is to enable patients to manage lymphoedema on a day-to-day basis and reduce pain.

 “The Lymphoedema support at the Hospice has been amazing. If something hasn’t worked they have tried something else again and again until they have found something that works for me. Nowhere else would have tried so many ways to help me. Although my arm is still very swollen I can see and feel the difference it is already making.” Ian, Barnsley Hospice Patient

“From the first visit I felt an improvement. Heike showed me what to do to help break down the scar tissue to help the lymphatic drainage.” Norma, Barnsley Hospice Patient

Occupational Therapy
The occupational therapist looks to help patients become more independent and improve their quality of life. The therapist can provide practical help and advise on equipment that can help solve problems, often enabling patients to regain independence, be able to do things they used to do or be able to return to live at home.

Counselling and psychology

The Counselling and Psychology services at Barnsley Hospice helps patients and their families to cope with the diagnosis of illness as well as the emotional and psychological effects that may occur after treatments.

Counsellors are trained and qualified to help with a range of difficult experiences and concerns and can help in developing coping strategies.

Pre-Bereavement Support

Every year hundreds of patients and families are supported with pre-bereavement, enabling people to understand and prepare for their own death or the death of a family member or friend. This support hopefully enables patients and their families to use the time they have together to its full potential.

Patients coming towards the end of their life may have a complex range of emotions and fears, sometimes relating to worries about the family and friends they will leave behind. Specialists working at Barnsley Hospice help patients with concerns, and help prepare for the needs of their family after their death. In some cases this may be talking things through, providing help and support to create memory boxes or leave letters for those they care about.

Bereavement Support

As well as helping patients and families with pre-bereavement support, Barnsley Hospice also provides essential help to family and friends following a bereavement. This can involve talking through emotions and helping with coping strategies.

Child support

Barnsley Hospice provides pre and post bereavement support for children aged 5 upwards. For children this can often be the first time they experience a bereavement. They will be helped with understanding their emotions and give support and help them cope.

“When I was eight years old my Dad was a patient here. My brother and I would get bored and the Hospice would look after us and helped make Christmas special for us. Following our experience with Barnsley Hospice and the benefit it had for my brother and me, I want to work in childcare in the future.” Kate, Patient’s Family

Family, friends and carers

Carers Support and Information Group

Anyone caring for a person with a life-limiting illness can attend the group and no referral is required. Taking place each Friday, 1:00pm – 3:00pm the group offers an opportunity for carers to meet, share and gain support.

When a carer attends Carers Support and Information group it is possible to arrange for Supportive Care at Home to look after the person being cared for, whilst the carer is attending the group at the hospice.

“Nobody knows what the hospice does for a family unless they have been through it themselves. Walking into the hospice, everyone puts their arms around you gives you love and assures you that you are not on your own during this difficult time of your life.” Jaki, Patient’s family